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    Post vacuum pumps

    does anyone have any experience with vacuum pumps? i saw one in a magazine before and was wondering if anyone knew what they can pump (or suck) and if it was better just having a pumper at a tanker fill site instead

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    eyecue Guest


    I gather that you are referring to the oil field type setup where the tank is subjected to vacuum and the hose is submersed to bring water into the tank? They aren't notoriously fast. They are good in trash type situations where there may be a lot of debris in the water. 125 GPM comes to mind but it has been a while. This was through a 3 inch hose. We have a similar setup that uses a PTO driven rotor-vane pump. It can be reversed to draw water or to spray. The vanes are so tight that it will pump air but it is a wet pump.

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    Stuart Cobb Guest


    check out

    Their 'suck' trucks can self load 1200-1500 gpm or dump at 1500-2000 gpm.

    Great if you are into moving water and very economical as well.

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    eyecue Guest


    I didnt relate well to some of the stuff on that website. There is no way that they duct taped that hard suction together! I have heard of using duct tape on suction hose to enhance the seal (which I think is a joke) but the website insinuates that the hose is only taped and not screwed together and that is an impossibility.

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    Stuart Cobb Guest


    The Burlington, Connecticut has 2 of these trucks. Because the vacuum pumps are a positive displacement type, an air leak (as long as it's not too bad) is tolerated and sucking an air bubble into the pump won't stop the transfer unlike a centrifugal pump.

    I had the opportunity to 'play' with one of their trucks during a rural water supply class practical evolution. The trucks do perform like they advertise, although we didn't try the duct tape trick. The GPM delivered was the highest among the 7 trucks we tested.

    It is a simple, inexpensive way to move water. One plus is the tank won't spill any water because it is a sealed system. Great for the winter months.

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