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    Question New Vehicle Ceremonies/Traditions?

    Hi all from Osan AB Fire Department, Republic of Korea!

    We recently received a new Pierce Heavy Rescue vehicle that, unfortunately, didn't make it too us ready to roll. She's got a problem with the on board computer but should be in service in about a month. That may give us enough time to plan something special to bring her into service with some style...

    Have any of you ever participated or attended any type of ceremony that officially brings a new piece into service?

    When I was a young troop I remember a "Push Back" ceremony that involved a few prominent members of the community, the department higher ups, and the crews to be assigned to the vehicle, pushing the vehicle back into the station and declaring the piece "In Service". Of course the Mayor and Fire Chief said a few words prior to the push back and afterward the public was given the chance to see what they had paid for. It was actually pretty cool.

    Can anyone point me in the right direction and help us put on an event that will get this truck rollin' with class?

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    For my Volunteer Fire Department each time we got a new rig we hosted what we call a "Wet Down", A dedication, or christening, of the new rig. (Sort of like breaking a bottle of champagne on a ships bow)We take a fire hose and "Wet Down" the apparatus.

    It is basically a fireman's muster where we invite the neighboring fire companies and public to come take a look at the new rig. We host a barbeque, have a raffle and sell shirts with a print of the apparatus and the dedication date on them. We have fireman's competitions between rival fire companies and we demostrate the rigs capability such as raise the aerial of a new ladder truck or flow water from the deck pipe of a new pumper.

    A wet down is a great way to introduce the rig to the community.

    Glen Bordas

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