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    Exclamation fire in Poliducto

    The past 14 of April I appear a fire in poliducto that transported disel in the town of " Tala, Jalisco Mexico ". The fire I appear by a flight of the fuel in a pipe of 16 " of diametro. The pipe is in the subsoil within an area of Sowing of sweet cane to 5 km of the town but near, the flight I concentrate myself in a stream.
    Our unit went first in arriving at the place, initiating the extinction of the fire with foam AFFF to 3% with a hose of 1 1/2 inches with nozzle of docificación. the fire was controlled despues of 3 working hours.
    Despues of 3 hours I arrive the specialized equipment from PEMEX responsible for these emergencies, which indicated was let burn all the fuel, maneuver that lasts but of 10 hrs.

    My question. If the Firemen we are trained to take care of the lives and the property, as well as to the environmental one. But he is not adapted to extinguish the fire and to recover the fuel later?

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    Its better to save the lives and property and let the fuel burn; rather than to try to save the fuel and have it ignite again. Letting it burn itself out is probably the safest way to go unless there is risk of it spreading to another structure, vehicle, or whatever is there.....

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    Thanks Medic _ E3411 for your Post. Our unit retirement of the place to allow itself that the specialized personnel became position of the fire and the flight.
    Today I think that he was best desicion, nevertheless the risk existio from the beginning since two companions are the hospital by injuries when hitting in the passage, the one with craneal traumatismo and conductor with fracture of femur.

    Zapopan Jalisco Mexico

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