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    Question I need a good book on Hydraulics

    I was wondering if anyone could suggest a good book on engine operations, specifically on hydraulics. I don't know who the author is of my department's handbook, but they shouldn't quit their day job!


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    I have a copy of the IFSTA's Pumper Driver/Operator Handbook. I feel it is a pretty good book. The book deals with more than just hydraulics. I bought it from the IFSTA web site. It was about $40. Just go to http://www.ifsta.org/catalog/driver.html to get it.

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    There is a book called "The fire service pump operators handbook" It is a large hardback book. I dont recall the publisher but it is really helpful with everything from algebra to mechanics and hydraulics. I can look up the publishers name if you like.

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    If you want to know a lot of stuff about Fire Protection Hydraulics there is a book written by Pat Brock a Professor at Oklahoma State University School of Fire Protection and Safety. It is condidered one of the most comprehensive books on this subject. It is published by IFSTA (Fire Protection Publications) the company that puts out Essentials. It covers basically any thing that has to do with the movement of water and fire protection.

    If you want more info look up Fire Protection Publications or call 405 744 5723 to order the book.

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