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    Post KME pumper/tanker

    I have been looking around for a good pumper/tanker combo. I have pretty much decided on the KME pumper/tanker does anybody have any experience with this apparatus, good or bad?

    When the defecation hits the oscillation I'll be there.

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    Depending on what you consider a Pumper/Tanker, I think we might have what your talking about.

    We have a 2000 KME/International 4900 with 1250 GPM Pump and 1500 Gal Tank.

    This piece replaced a 1972 Oren 300 GPM/1000 Gal. truck. It's primary duty is to shuttle water, it's loaded almost identical to our engine so in a pinch it can do dual duty as an attack piece. You can see a picture at http://n2dfire.tripod.com/stationbio.html

    Not exactly sure where you are in SC, but I know that Myrtle Beach is only 5 hrs drive from here - so if you'd like to come take a look, your more than welcome to drop by.

    Also - if you'd like more detailed info or the KME shop number, etc - drop me an e-mail at n2dfire@hotmail.com.

    Take Care - Stay Safe

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