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    Post Radio's

    I was just wondering what all of the different departments out there use and what you guys think of the models and what you really want in them.

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    We use Motorola products. In our apparatus we have Max Trax 16 channel mobiles, Except for one Radius in an ambulance, which i think is 20 channel. As far as portables we have mostly HT 1000's, still have a few MT 1000's in service, and have 3 HT 1250's and just got 3 new HT 750's. There are still some old Minitor pagers floating around, I've got one of them. I'm happy with the Motorola products. I like the Max Trax mobile better than the Radius. I prefer the HT1000 portable to anything the others. The MT is almost indestructable, but they are getting old, and the parts are getting harder to find and more expensive to replace. The 1250 has a lot of bells and whistles, but is hard to use with gloves on, same for 750. Biggest drawback to 750 is that almost everything has to be set by dealer, with very little user opions, such as scan list, etc. Just my opinions!

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    I have to say that my personal opinion is for Mobile Radio systems, I like Kenwood. But for hand-held, Motorola. I haven't had any problems with the HT-1250's with gloves on utilizing the mike and not just off the portable. I also like the fact that with the 1250 you can have them programmed for the identifiers, so it comes up on all the portables on the same channel, helps with identification in emergencies and when someone decides to screw around. The HT-1000's are also very reliable, and I've put some through the ringer. Radio's hate truckies, lol.

    The above is my opinion only and doesn't reflect that of any dept./agency I work for, deal with, or am a member of.

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