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    Post Service Intervals

    I am looking for some information on what other departments are using for oil change intervals on your trucks. We have an engine currently under warranty. The new NFPA 1915 says something about using the shortest interval according to the manufactuer. For this engine it's 250 hours or 1 year. Any other methods being used out there???

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    We change the oil and fuel Filters in the ambulance, suburban and all gas powered Fire trucks twice a year with the diesel fire trucks being changed once a year. Exceptions are if they exceed 3000 miles on the ambulance or 100 hours or 1000 miles on the fire trucks then they are changed sooner

    Hope the info Helps.

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    Thanks - it did help.

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    Our policy is twice a year. Once in the spring and once in the fall. Volunteer Dept and we run approx 740 calls a year. Six trucks, one station, 100 square mile coverage area.

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    If you use a good oil like DA Lubricants, They will do complete oil analysis for you on every oil change. I recommend that you do that. If you have an engine failure, they will send someone out to consult to see if it is oil related. Oil Changes are dependant on a number of factors especially with diesel engines. Total hours isnt a good indication because if the engine is at idle then you have more fuel blow by and the oil gets diluted. TBN is another concern with diesel. The sulfer content in diesel equates to sulfuric acid in the oil and the oil needs to be able to deal with this. Twice a year is a good rule. Sitting or running. But pull oil samples to be sure that it is frequent enough.

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    All our rigs are diesels and we do a complete oil & filter change, along with lube, once each year.

    There's an NFPA standard telling us to do proper maintenance, per manufacturer specs??? Oh, brother...what's next, the "pull your pants down BEFORE you take a dump" standard??? Or, do we have that one already?

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