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    CaptCraig Guest

    Post Hydrant Testing

    I'm looking for a hydrant diffuser for testing. What is a good one to get? I've looked at the swivel Piezo from WS Darley and one from Halprin. What are your thoughts?

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    ac52 Guest


    I work for a local water co. And we use a deffuser from the Pollard Co. I believe they are are located in Long Island NY. I'll check and get back to you.


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    Mike B Guest


    We are currently using the Swivel Piezo Diffuser on our 4 1/2" steamer ports. Works fine for what we use them for. The only down side is the weight. After testing hydrants all day you swear its a boat anchor.

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    ac52 Guest


    We use the same as Mike B. The Swivel Piezo Diffuser w/ 4 1/2" threads. We purchased it through the Pollard Co. in Long Island, NY. Try Been using them about 6 years now. Like them alot.

    Mike B, I agree about the weight. We had a local welder fabricate a large looping handle attached on both sides. Works great!
    I can easily flush, inspect and log GPM on about 50 hydrants a day.

    Hope this helps,guys.

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