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    Question Hose Testing

    How do you test hose in your department?

    Do you follow NFPA guidelines?

    What is the test psi for 1 3/4", 2 1/2" and 3" hose?

    What is the test psi for 4" and 5"?

    What length (maximum) hose lay do you use?
    Why do you use this length?

    Is your test area flat terrain or do you use a down hill type terrain?

    How long (minutes) do you run the test for a particular section or lay?


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    I wrote an article on this last year. "Hose Testing 101"

    Check out this link

    And scroll down the page to the article.

    Hope it helps.

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    We follow NFPA

    250 psi for smaller lines
    200 psi for =>4"

    300' max lay

    We usually set up in our parking lot with the end of the hose by a drain. The lot has a slight pitch and we can usually drain the lines without soaking the hose. (quicker turn around time from test to rack)

    All hose is tested for five minutes after getting up to pressure.

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    Default Hose

    How many follow the 300' rule? My current dept does, my former did not. I've tested 1250' 4', 1000' 2 1/2", etc with no issues. Once the air is bled off at the end, the pressure is the same throughout the length of hose and there is no friction loss. Just throwin' it out for discussion. Sure saves on time. Never did exceed those lengths.

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    If all else is equal, it makes me wonder why they had the 300ft rule there in the first place? Is it because "they" were worried about departments having enough hose left out of the test to compliment their in service truck if it had to go on a call? Are they saying you can only take 300' off the truck?

    Does it having something to do with having more potential for bursts, or more volume of water creating more problems?

    Any thoughts on why the rule is there? Both my departments follow that rule mostly because we're restricted to that amount of space anyways... but it sure would be nice to stretch things out if we could and save on some of the setup.
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