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    Recently, the Detroit Fire Department said that a shortage of certified drivers forced the closure of 12 neighborhood fire houses since Friday.

    In my department, there are currently 20 openings for drivers and the 2-year eligibility list for engineer was exhausted in under 8 months.

    What methods does your department use to recruit qualified drivers? Does your organization have trouble getting firefighters to take the promotional tests?

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    I know this is sort of off your topic, but it raised a question in my mind. If some departments are having trouble finding people who want to drive, why not have a training school for people to just learn to drive and operate the equipment? I personally have bad knees, and would never have a shot at a paid department, because i can't stay on them for extended periods. I'm thankfull that my vol. dept allows me to be an outside support person until i'm old enough to drive......just my 2 cents

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    I understand your problems being chief engineer at my department we have a lot of young people that dont want to take responsibility for driving they are still in their glory stage of running in and fighting the fires and driving is boring to them. Most of our fire officers end up driving when I am not there and as you all know that is not a good thing. So we just started recruiting people to drive response so far has been ok we dont have alot of engineers but it is better than what it has been. Maybe some of the departments having trouble should advertise more directly for hiring engineers/drivers and you may get some more people to apply. I would be interested myself in applying for one. Just my opinion I hope it helps and good luck.

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    If no one is intrested hire engineers from the outside.

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    In our department everyone is trained as a driver/engineer. If the driver is sick or is on vacation someone has to take his place. If you don't want to drive in my department and don't have a good excuse (i.e. are very bad at it) tough. You are going to drive and opperate the apparatus because here it is part of our job description.
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