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    Detroit Fire Guest

    Thumbs up Pierce

    I was just wondering if anyboby had pierce aerials we have just rercieved 3 new one and are getting a bunch more. I would like to know of any problems you might have had your opinion of the rig also on engines. I drive the pierce arrow and i love it best rig i have ever driven thanks

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    WRENCH Guest


    Great piece of equipt. We have a 94 arrow tower ladder only a couple of minor maitainance problems, couple of very minor hyd leaks. Very stabile and sturdy platform to work from.

    FYI , while we at pierce in march to do the engineering on our third unit ,second pumper we had the oppurtunity to see your ladders being built. two were completed and one was being assembled. Fine pieces.

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    Firekatz04 Guest


    We have a Pierce 105'. It replaced a 20 year old Pierce ladder. GREAT truck...HOWEVER it just came back from getting a new set of pistons, rods, and sleeves. It blew a piston (unknown reason). They checked everything with the computer but "found nothing".

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    mike021 Guest


    We have a '94 105' Pierce Arrow ladder. We have had one problem that could be considered more then minor. While flowing water from the tip at a working fire, a safety valve blew. It was fixed in 24 hours, oh and we still kept flowing water
    after it blew with no problems. We just took delivery of out new Pierce Lance engine this week and it's a dream machine. Love Pierce, you guys won't be dissapointed.

    Norwood Fire Co. No. 1

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    EFDems841 Guest


    We recently (in march) took delivery of our 4th pierce engine..2001 Saber. Very sweet unit. We also have a 84 Dash, 95 commercial chassis 4x4 and just retired with the new saber a 79 commercial 750. the new saber is 4x4. If you wanna see pics of it go to It is on display this weekend at the New England Cheifs show at the Big E. Being shown by Blanchard Fire Apparatus.

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    Engine 101 Guest


    Anyone here have a Pierce Quint?
    Just curious to see how you like them
    My department is planning on ordering a Quint

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    dfwscotty Guest


    101, We have 2 of the 61' Pierce Quints. We like them alot overall and the shorter ladder helps keep the truck pumper size(single rear axle) so that it is still is easy to get around town. The 61' ladder is a little short and you have to be right under what you are trying to reach to get some height. It also has a 2000 gpm ladder nozzle. Ours came with a 2250 gpm pump. Get the ladder remote control with it, makes positioning the ladder a cinch. Visibility off of the tailboard working the rear ladder controls is a little difficult and I'm 6'3"! Overall, all of us are real pleased with it. We will soon be ordering the 75' Quints from Pierce.

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