Does anyone know of any NFPA requirments or recommendations on how to secure a hose to a hydrant for a forward lay. I don't know if there is anything out from NFPA on this or not. I have been through several driver ops courses in different states now and know of several ways of doing this that work good. My Chief has says he wants to know what NFPA says on the subject and that is what we will do. My favorite way is to wrap the hydrant twice but the argument to that is if the hose was to hang up it will break at least one hose and stretch the rest to point of possibly damaging it. I have never used one of the commerical hydrant tenders that are on the market and I wonder what the breaking point is on one. At any rate the Chief wants to find out for sure if NFPA has anything to say on it or not before we continue teaching any technuiqe. Personally I wouldn't know for sure which listing to look under. I know it isn't covered in the IFSTA driver op book of Jan 2001. I'm kinda under the opinon it is a SOP thing. At this time we are running 2 horseshoe lays in our truck company. One is a 3" forward lay and the other is a 2 1/2" reverse lay with adaptors on each so we can run either direction. Yeah I know, I would rather have LDH up there too.