Our department operates an E-One HP105. The unit is about five years old and with one exception its a great truck. We continually have problems switching the interlock system from jacks to ladder. Somewhere a failure is occuring and the system has to be reset in order for the front stabilizers to come down. E-One has replaced the control box for this system several times, thinking that somehow we are getting condensation in the box and causing the failure. When checked there is no condensation present. Upon application of a new box, the system will work well for a couple of weeks and then start with the failures. It is really aggreviating to have to reset the system on the fire scene in order to raise the ladder for operations, (most recently it had to be reset 3 times before we could start). If your department operates this type of vehicle, are you having the same sort of problems? Have you been able to figure out its cause? We have a great mechanic, but both he and E-One can't figure out why this is happening. If you can provide some assistance please do!! I will forward any information to our mechanic.

Stay Safe Guys!