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    Default epoxy floor for the fire station?

    I am interested in making our station floor looking better. I'm thinking about an epoxy floor system. Can anyone recommend a manufacturer? Or should I do this? Is there a better or cheaper way? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    thank you

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    We just had two 'Dura-Flex' brand epoxy floors done (by Mr. Mike Webster of Epoxy Techniques in NJ 609-971-1924 for $4.75 per square foot) and love them. Went with 'Dura-Flex' because; a) we checked several old floors that they did in other firehouses years ago and they all still looked like new and didn't crack, lift, or show wear, b) took only three days, c) Epoxy Techniques did 4 inch cove all around the base of the walls, d) was the best price, and e) had best guarantee. Our second choice (a distant second choice) would have been 'Firehouse Floors' in Baltimore Mr. Jim Peterson 410-783-9992. Much more money - no coves.

    We also saw some firehouses done where the members bought their own epoxy and colored sands and etc - and while the floors came out nice, they all said that they bit off more than they could chew, and in hindsight wouldn't do it themselves again.

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    There is a company outside of Chicago called Art-Flow out of Addison IL. which does a rubberized type of floor paint I have seen an apparatus floor that is 10+ yrs. old and still looks great. I have also heard the same response from people that have tried to do the epoxy themselves. Good luck.

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    We are very happy with our DURA-FLEX epoxy floors.

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    The Fire Company I belong to has had an epoxy floor for at least 12 years. The floor is still i nexcellent condition. The only minor problem we had was the expoy cracking where the floor flexes due to the truck weight. The company came back numerous times to fix the problem but it still continues. The cracks have not increased since they initially started.
    George S. Yurcho
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