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    Default Augustus Piercing nozzle.

    Has any one used this piece of equipment? If so, have you had any success or failures with it? We used ours at a drill and actually bent the handle. They repaired it for us but they said we were using it improperly. We did it just as they do in the video, slamming it through the hood of a car. Just curious as to your experience.
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    Yes, we have used this nozzle for almost 5 years. We have had good success when we have used it. One thing that we found in using the tool however is sometimes we will strike a stuctural member. If this is done, we will relocate the tool and strike again. Also, have your backup person bring a sledge hammer or 8 lb. flathead ax. Strike the back of the piercing nozzle instead of swinging it like a lumberjack. We have never damaged or bent one as you described.

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