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    Default Rubber attack lines vs. cotton jacket

    Our department recently purchased a 2001 Central States convintional mounted on a International Chassis with a step up pump operation platform. we are having problems with the 1.75 red rubber pre-connects sliding off of the pre-connect trays. Does anyone know if switching to cotton jacket would solve this problem or possibly a different hose lay.

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    I have experianced that same problem and it is not always the fault of that crazy lead foot so-n-so driver. We found the culprit to be that when some of our fine grain Florida sand gets between the hose and the tray it will cause the hose to slide. So the solution is to either find a way to keep the sand under control (washing or sweeping regularly) as it's almost impossible to keep it out, or revert to plan B the F/F's best friend, bungy cords.

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    We have a similar sand problem occasionally (different sand, but same properties). Our solution was to use hose bed covers, bungied down, and try to make sure that the hose has been rinsed off before laying it in the bed. That works for the engine, but we have another truck where the hose bed is actually made up like a box with a hinged latch cover on the end. The top is open for easy access to pull and lay the hose, but the box end gets opened up when pulling the hose and then closed prior to laying it back in. Keeps the truck looking nice and tidy too. Also, it forces us Probies to lay the hose right the first time, too!
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    Of course it forces Probies to lay the hose right. I got to re-lay that line many times myself. Lay it right, or lay it again, remember? I think that was the plan from day one.

    Like my fellow firefighter said, we usually wash off the rubber hose before we re-lay the preconnects. The great thing about the rubber hose is just that, it is rubber and can get wet without having to hang it like conventional hose (or so we were told, seems to be working). All of our pre-connected attack lines are 1 1/2 inch rubber hose.

    Like you suggested, maybe another hose lay would be in order.

    Our Engine's pre-connects are layed in a flat lay, one layer on top of each other. Pulling this lay is fast and can be done from either side. As mentioned, we have hose lay covers that covers the top and comes down the ends to clip shut like a bungy cord. The hose can't slide out when it is all done up. You might think about that.

    Our other truck, with the "hinged latch" that covers the end, the hose is done in an accordian sytle lay (from side to side). It is a lot tougher to pull because it is layed tighter together. Also, you have to "dutch lay" (not sure if this is the right term) the couplings so they are ready to pull straight out and not bind). For us, This pre-connect is pulled off the rear. This style lay can be pulled from either side, but the couplings might give you some troubles if you pull it the against its lay.

    Good Luck

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    It has been my experience that the benefits of rubber attack lines do not outweigh the disadvantages. Sure, it is easy to clean, but it is an absolute nightmare in cold weather, is harder to re-pack, holds air, and apparently, is more apt to slide out of the hosebed.

    In my opinion, cotton jacketed hose is the superior choice. It is lightweight, very flexible, easy to re-pack, and believe it or not, just as easy to clean. Today's cotton hose can be rinsed and re-packed wet with no worry of damage to the hose.

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