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    I am looking for any websites that offer scenarios for training nights or ideas. After awhile it becomes tough to be continually creative

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    Rick Decorie
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    I don't know of any web sites that have training scenarios but I'm sure they are out there. Have you tried different search engines? Another source of training scenarios is the FPP publication The SOURCEBOOK For Fire Company Training Evolutions. You can buy it through IFSTA or other fire service catalogs.

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    Tom Granat
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    You can get training outlines at www.fireworld.net. They cover many different subjects. Again these are outlines you have to fill in the details to make a complete training session, but the outlines will make sure you hit all the important topics.

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    While I don't know of any websites such as the ones you asked for I have some drill ideas for you. Locate the NFPA standard on INITIAL FIRE ATTACK. I forget what standard number it is. The standards contains about 15 evolutions complete with recommended times. These include forward and reverse lays with attack lines, aerial ladder supply, deck gun supply, etc. The standard provides diagrams and requires a minimum amount of GPM to be supplied within a certain timeframe for each evolution. Good luck and stay safe.

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    Dave Gifford
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    The NFPA standard is 1410, but going back to the question that MRB 188 has asked, I'm also looking for new ideas to conduct both practical and academic classes for a Paid/Volunteer department. The biggest problem the department is facing is a lack of structures to use for training. We cover a military instalation and unless a building is going under construction we don't have many chances of having a structure. I'm also looking for ideas to help keep the volunteer base active. Any ideas??

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    When running low on ideas became a problem in the past I would somtimes put out a memo to the dept and ask them what they wanted to do then find the best ones get with that firefighter and let them help set up the class it give all personel a chance to feel they have a say in the dept and it is a great way to teach them to teach.


    Andy Williams

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