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    Brent D
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    Default Need help .....

    I am making a 45 minute Review presentation to veteran firefighters on The Incident Command
    System with 3 areas to be covered...

    - How the Incident Command System can be used as an effective tool at the emergency scene

    -describe the importance of and how to use the tactical evaluation sheet

    - Describe the importance of safety on the scene and how it works as part of the ICS system

    I am looking for a unique way to deliver the information that would require input and
    involvement from the fire fighters and still cover the above information.
    Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions on how I can tackle this , or know of any sites
    that may be of some help . I'd appreciate any and all responses!!


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    You could try a table top exersise it would involve all of the class members and have a group disscusion at the end to go over the pro and cons.


    Andy Williams

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