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    Grieving Behind the Badge has been developed to address the unique loss and trauma issues that are experienced in the emergency services and law enforcement professions. This eight-hour program is a compliment to critical incident stress debriefing as both a pre- and post-training and will cover stress management, line of duty death, suicide, coping with the death of a child and other emotional issues and will provide coping skills. For more information visit our website at www.angelfire.com/tn/GrievingBehindBadge or request a HUGS (How to Understand Grief Seminars) portfolio at hugsllc@aol.com

    Peggy Rainone, President

    Peggy Rainone, President
    HUGS (How to Understand Grief Seminars)

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    Ken Apel
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    All of you should keep Peggy's Address in your e-mail file. She can be a great help when the unthinkable happens.BTW,she just came back from LA and rode with BC 1. Did you like that Peg?

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