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    mfgentili Guest

    Question Training Props

    I would like to hear what kind of homemade training props different departments are using. Please include anything you can think of like, simple forcible entry door props, ventilation props, SCBA mazes, confined space areas, live burn facilities, etc. Anything you can add will surely help others get ideas for future training efforts.


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    e33 Guest


    In my rescue company, we have made our own confined space simulator. While it is a bit primitive and we hope to expand up to a more permanent it is.

    From a local concrete company, we acquired 3 sections of 24" ID ADS pipe (this is the really heavy duty black drain pipe used for storm water drains and such), one 45 degree elbow, one "T" intersection fitting and 2 blind end caps. The materials allow for set up of several layouts depending on desired goals. To compliment the system, we built a door cover which fits in the opening of one of the doors to our back storage bay. There is a hole in the plywood to let the pipe fit through and it simulates entering a tank or vault. We will soon be constructing a fake power panel so that lockout-tagout can be accomplished.

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    mfgentili Guest


    Thanks for the quick reply e33.
    We also constructed a confined space prop this past year. Our local DPW constructed two underground 7' deep X 6' diameter sewer vaults spaced 10' apart and connected by a 27" pipe. They are capped by normal manhole covers. We then placed a 10' tall X 10' diameter bottomless fiberglass tank on top of one vault and connected it to another above ground tank with 10' of 24" diameter pipe and one 90 degree elbow to add a turn. We are able to fill this entire space with simulated smoke using a fog machine. It makes for some interesting rescue scenerios being able to go below ground especially when the water table is high and the vaults fill with water.
    Some of our other props include an SCBA maze constructed of large wooden shipping crates donated by Titleist (the golf ball people). Sprinkler prop, just a length of pipe with an open sprinkler head on one end and a female garden hose connection on the other, used for practice with sprinkler tongs, wedges etc. Great for recruits and wiseguys.
    A 12 pitch roof simulator built on top of the SCBA maze and used for roof ops.
    A 47' steel shipping container with three interior rooms. We are going to add a watertight door and a hatch from a ship to this container to simulate shipboard firefighting. We have not burned in this yet but that is the future plan once proper egress doors and windows are installed.
    A 15' X 15' 4 story wooden tower is currently being constructed. So far the only thing done on this is the installation of four corner posts (45' telephone poles). Looking forward to other replies on this topic.

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    TRUCK 110 Guest


    We have acquired a FAST Simulator..It is 2 stories in Height..Has Trap Door..Window for Rescue from Ground Story..and a Wall with a 2nd Story Window. This as could be used for Ladder Raises to 2nd Floor, and FF SelfRescue Escape manuvers..It is @ 12x12 in Floor size..Be Safe..How You Practice is How You Play..


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    fyrescue Guest


    We opened our training building just iver a year ago. It has a 1 story residential section with a peaked roof and 2 ventilation stations. The interior is setup with wood stud walls covered with plywood. We built it with drop it panels at all the door locations. It takes just a minute to change the layout so or f/f's don't memorize the maze. With 3 entry doors and 8 windows, we have hundreds of possible layouts. The tower section is 3 stories tall and a flat rooftop. We perform the county mask confidence course here as well as the firefighter survival course. The square footage and layout is very simular to our average residential home in this area. Our hope are to expand this training facility in the near future to include a confined Space simulator.

    Be Safe,


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    S. Cook Guest


    We've had an SCBA maze similar to Arvada CO. for about 7 years now. We put it in a trailer and it is available for any dept. to come and get and return. All we ask is that if they break it they fix it. As yet it has not returned. broken and often returned in better shape.

    We also have a Saving Our Own prop, propane props (car fire, christmas tree, propane tank). Sand blast hopper for CS rescue, 2 small towers for rope and ladder work and a burnhouse.

    We are working on our own flashover simulator and hopefully it will be ready soon.

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    Jason Ranger Guest


    Looking for cheap ways to teach and conduct Forcible Entry techniques training. What has your department done to keep this potentially high dollar training event low cost? Has anyone had success getting support from local businesses: property to train on or left over doors from a demolition company?

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    The Snake Man Guest


    I have found that if you take a pipe big enough to get the trainees shoulders through and put it at the end of your maze, you know about 25 min. worth of air at the end of the maze teaches the trainee to think under preasure. It teaches them to look at the big picture and to take the tank off slide into the tunnel or tube. Tell him safety/escape is on the other in of the tube.
    Not recommended for the bigger fellas of your dept. you might end up having an un-wanted "man in pipe extrication" training.

    The Snake Man!
    Keep it above the water line!

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    e33 Guest


    You'd better bot be teaching your guys to slide repiirators or SCBA's in front of them inless its a 100% last chance escape option. No manufacturer will sanction this improper usage and it is dangerous and deadly. Now if you are doing it to be a confidence builder...thats one thing, but to give guys the impression that its ok to go in tight spaces by taking the respirator off...thats no good! As always, work hard and play safe

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    *Chinaman* Guest


    I fully agree with e33.
    But here are a couple of ideas:
    For just LPG Gas training, we get a Gas bottle from the manufacturers, cut a whole at the bottom and stick a metal pole into it that is screwed to the outlet. This metal pole is then linked to two gas bottles (vapour and liquid). Don't forget the safety valves etc and extreme caution is needed to operate such a prop. One of our FF is a Gas-Man, so he's the operator.

    The second thing that our training centre has now built, is a 47' container to simulate a Flashover. There are a couple of things that need to carefully be welded into this container to simulate a flashover (ie. Partition 1/4 of the way, exit doors on sides and rear and a trap door in the ceiling to regulate airflow). We had the guidance of a Swedish Officer who has constructed training facilities in Sweden just by using Ship Containers. If anyone requires any further information, I can try and help you out.

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    edfc Guest


    Something I have used when live smoke can't be used and the smoke machine is not available is wax paper on the inside of the scba mask. Take a piece about the size of the mask crumble in you hand, uncrumble it and place it on the inside of the mask. You can even go as far as placing little holes through out. It works well and isn't costly.

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    edfc Guest


    Something I have used when live smoke can't be used and the smoke machine is not available is wax paper on the inside of the scba mask. Take a piece about the size of the mask crumble in you hand, uncrumble it and place it on the inside of the mask. You can even go as far as placing little holes through out. It works well and isn't costly.

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    Kelly Tool Guest

    Thumbs up

    Good idea edfc, At our department we use a smoke machine. we have two guys set up a maze using our folding tables and setting them on there sides, cost effective. Also we make them search for a boot as a dummy, makes them look under and over things. And at the end it helps with practicing ventilation to get all the "smoke" out. Also in place of wax paper you can use an extra nomex hood over the face mask, also works well!

    Put the wet stuff on the red stuff!

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