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    Post Gear for Bigger Firefighters

    Hi everyone. I have a question.....is there a company that makes turnout gear for larger firefighters? The problem that I have run into is my calves are about 20inches in diameter. I am not really overweight. My problem is from running cross-country and doing Karate over the last 8 or 9 years and my muscles are built up. I have tried using all different kinds of bunker boots and nothing quite fits. It's a pain in the butt on a fire and walking around you pick up your foot but the boot is still on the ground. I have used much larger sizes then I need in order to get a pair that will fit around my calves and let my feet touch the ground the right way but the problem that I run into after that is that the shoe size is now to large and my boots tend to fall off when climbing a ladder or crawling around doing an interior attack. Anyone will any ideas or if you know of someplace that can custom make a pair of boots can send an email to medic520@odyssey.net And yes, I have tried the driver boots and the lether zip-up boots that look like regular work boots and they don't fit correctly either. I know of about a half dozen people that have this problem so I figure someone must know where to get bigger calved boots. Thanks.....BJ

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    Try Servus Boots. I have about 23 inch calves myself. They make an eight inch driver boot that I have worn for about two years now, available in a variety of widths / sizes. Rather durable as well.

    Scott Lambert
    Seminole Trail Volunteer Fire Department

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    Lehigh Safety Shoe co. They make nice boots, not sure if they will make one that will fit you, but not many people seem to know about them....if nothing else, just call and see.

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