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    Question Level of Involvement of Training Officers

    I would like to get some idea of the level of involvement of the training officer in company training. I know that most company trainig is the responsiblity of the company officer, but believe the training officer needs to offer a check of this training.

    Does anyones training officer do ride-alongs with individual companies?

    Is the training officer responsible to insure that the company officer is providing the proper training in accordance with departmental SOG's?

    How does the training officer develop the training schedule for the year? Is this based on required courses or is it created with problem areas in mind?

    Thanks for an input into this matter?

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    Our training department puts out a quaterly training list , on this are the requirments for the year broken down into four qt's. We are suppose to take a 50 question quiz at the end of each quater. This system is weak,boring, and doesent work worth a #%@&.
    In the past 10 years the T.C. has conducted (1) hands on drill RIT training.
    Since I was hired I have always been assigned to the busiest companies and always had good training company officers.After I was promoted I have made it a point to keep my crew training.I use class and hands on .It can be very difficult when guys see that other crews never train and dept support is lacking. I hope you have better luck.
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    Ours works similar to the Lts... Trng Dept has(usually) put(s) out monthly training topics everyone is responsible for; last year they were all "worked" into a multi-company drill at the drill field. Monthly training packets have skills sheets and/or written tests.
    Our TC doesn't do ride outs that I'm aware of and I'm not sure how he develops the schedule... all the stuff last year was geared to a high rise scenario at drill field. (which we DID need to practice...)

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