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    Cool performance appraisals

    i am working on project to develop new performance appraisal system for our department and need examples of your system. any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    If you need an example of an evaluation that exhibits everything that could possibly be wrong with a program, I'll send you a copy of ours. It's really ineffective for the purpose for which it's intended; totally subjective, inconsistant, non-helpful, unclear, and best of all without guidelines or instructions on how to use the thing.
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    Although I do not work on transports anymore (at least for money), my company has a fair evaluating system. I get to evaluate my significant accomplishments over the past year, and set three goals for the next year. During the next year's eval, I evaluate how I did at attaining those goals. I also have to update my resume and job description. Now the fun part. I get to evaluate my boss. I pick a few qualities of his and evaluate him on them. Like this year, I told my boss he worked too many hours, didn't delegate responsibility well, and hadn't been on the street for over three years. Works well, as long as no one gets hot-headed over it. I have been here two years, had three evals, have incread my pay over 15% since I started, and haven't irritated my bosses too much. This system is fair, and allows everyone a chance to voice their opinion. We believe open communication is the key to any eval.

    Todd Dousa

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