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    Exclamation Live Fire Training Hazard

    Here's something interesting....I've frequently seen steel drums used in training prop's.

    During the conduct of Fire Brigade live fire training at an offsite training facility, a 55 gallon drum used as a prop ruptured. There were no injuries; this event is considered a near miss.
    Description of Event:
    On 11/04/99 Fire Brigade Training personnel were conducting a live fire exercise at an offsite shared Industrial Fire Training Facility. At the time of the occurrence a 13 x 15 ft pan
    area containing water and gasoline had been ignited, and the Fire Brigade Crew had been directed to extinguish the fire using foam.
    While the crew was assembling the foam application equipment, one of the empty drums on the far side of the pit ruptured. The drum was one of three staged approximately 6 feet away from the pit. Open-ended drums are commonly used as obstructions inside the pit to emphasize
    proper extinguishing techniques. It was later determined that the drum that ruptured was not open-ended, but rather sealed. The empty drum appears to have previously contained Flouroprotein Foam concentrate. The other two drums were open-ended.
    > Cause(s) of Event:
    An empty sealed 55 gallon drum staged near the pit was heated through radiant heat, to the point of rupture.
    > Analysis of Event:
    > A review of the event indicates:
    > - Support instructors were used to determine the readiness of the firegrounds
    > - The fact that this burn was the 6th burn of this cycle facilitated a lesser degree of attention to detail of the verifications; some degree of complacency may have been
    > - The verification of the non-dynamic or staged props is not specifically identified or cautioned in the guidance policy; no specific sealed container guidance is included
    > - The potential for use of the firegrounds by another group is not identified or cautioned in the guidance policy as a condition to be concerned about
    > - The number of barrels varied and specific verification of when the barrel that burst was located near the 13 x 15 pan
    area could not be determined; it wasn't clear if the barrel had been there during prior burns or if the wind direction had facilitated the event on this particular occasion
    > - The governing policy for control of the live fire training includes a pre-burn checklist. This checklist has two items
    for verification:

    1. Verify all training props isolated
    2. Check for sufficient fluid levels of propane/gasoline /diesel fuel.

    Joe Pechacek
    Hamilton Fire Depart.
    Hamilton, NY

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    Our drums are filled with water and the cap is left off of them to allow for vapor expulsion.

    The opinions and views expressed herin are solely mine and not on the behalf of any department or organization I belong to.

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