We've opened a discussion in my county about creating a 3- or 4-step Firefighter Advancement & Recognition Progam. This program would have two major objectives:

1. Provide basic, intermediate, and advanced training outline for:
2. Officer development

The program would allow a brand new (just off probation) firefighter to gain the knowledge and experience necessary to serve as a successful officer. The first two levels would focus heavily on training, with the remaining one or two levels focusing less on training and more on personal contribution, participation, and activities associated witht the department - and may even include serving as a lower level officer for a certain period.

Given that we're primarily talking about volunteers, and given time to schedule trainings, this program would probably take about 2-3 years to complete. At the end, successful candidates would receive some type of special regocnition and designation (senior or master firefighter)....

Any ideas? Does anyone have a similar program? Any pros or cons, successes or failures?

James A. Whitfield, Jr., MCEM
Sunflower County Fire Coordinator
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