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    Question Need some idea's on..

    I am looking for some idea's for training in the following areas?

    Live burns. (in a training tower)

    Hands on forciable entry.

    Self rescue.

    Thanks for your idea's

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    Always good to see guys looking for training info.I can help you in some areas like self rescue,but forcible entry is tuff.I have taken my guys to houses and buildings that were about to be demolished and trained on them.If you e-mail me your address Ill send you some other things,theres to much info to type and get it all down.
    Be Safe
    Lt.Todd Edwards/AFD


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    There are two good products available for forcible entry training that we use at our academy.

    One is the Forcible Entry Training Station which provides hand-on training in through-the-lock methods.

    The other one is the Power Jamb which proides hands-on training in conventional forcible entry. The Power Jamb installs in a metal door and allows actual use of halligan tools to pry open the door. Their address is: Power Jamb
    P.O. Box 120171
    Staten Island, NY 10312

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    Default re: Power Jamb

    Anybody have any experience with this? It looks pretty impressive in the video they have online, but I'd like to hear from those who've seen it, used it, or own it. What do you like? Dislike? Thanks.

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    If you are going to do Self Rescue... Do the Denver Drill, breeching a wall, crawling through a space that has wiring hanging down from a collapsed ceiling,and also using rope or webbing to get out of a window from a 2nd story. We did this recently. We created most of the items our self out of Wood like a real wall. The Denver Drill was made by another department which we borrowed... Well worth it..

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    Default Schmitty.ca

    If I may expand on some of the posts:
    Self Rescue: Depending on tools, construction of structure, incident type, too many variables, but let's say, trapped in a room.

    One, you can literally sit on your butt and kick through the walls for an escape route. We would practice this technique if for some reason no axe was available. May even be faster than an axe due to more surface area, both feet. Find a spot where you are able to breach thru to the other room. Repeat as necessary to safety.

    Two, bail out rope. Most of us would carry a short piece of rope, normally enough to go from 1 to 2 stories down. If you happen to carry a D-ring carabiner and 'figure eight' rapelling device, makes it even easier. Need to find a strong anchor point, bed post, piece of furniture to tie off of for the descent down. You can also use your fire axe as an anchor, somewhat hard to explain, easier to show, but physics at work here, tie your pick headed axe as if you would for hoisting up / down. Take the axe, place it upright/flat against the wall, handle up, rope going up and over/out the window sill. Your body weight will keep the axe against the wall. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, Practice this concept from a few feet up before employing to get it right.

    Third, the universal 'help call' , IF NO OTHER WAY OUT, YOU ARE TOO INJURED OR TRAPPED, IS THROW YOUR HELMET OUT THE WINDOW!! This was a key sign for us to LOOK for that person near the found helmet.

    4th, again, depending on situation, if out of air, the old method of stuffing your disconnected breathing apparatus hose down your coat to help filter the air. Another method, though it may sound nasty but may save your life, using the existing drain/sewer lines in the building for air, get your hose past the 'S' trap, remove toilet, do same.

    If at end of hoseline with adustable nozzle, put end of breathing tube inside of the cone pattern of the fog setting. You will get some air.
    Hope these few idea's may help for 'self rescue'.

    Forcible entry,as the others have said, another huge area.
    Remember the old saying 'TRY BEFORE YOU PRY'... Can save you a lot of time, embarrassment.
    Never forget the basics or the use of the tool. I was at one incident where entry was trying to be made with the rotary saw. It kept bouncing out of the door jamb, sparks, very unsafe operation,as the firemen were trying to cut thru the bolt. Not meaning to 'toot' my horn, but I used a prybar/ crowbar to gain entry within seconds.

    If you are going to 'kick' a door in, best to do so with a 'back kick'. Especially when wearing all of our gear. If you can not brace against something, have one of your firemen help brace you, normally face each other, grab on to each other's breather apparatus straps and back kick like a mule towards the door knob area. Yes, front kicks look great in the movies, but don't always work too good in the real world.

    Best tool is the one between your shoulders, the ol brain n common sense. Just might be easier to go thru a window, either open it without breaking or break it, go around and unlock the door.

    Lot's of tools and methods to get in. Even the use of the hose stream or nozzle can be used.

    Wooden pallots work great. Scrap lumber, preferably NO PAINT. I am not sure what if any, burn codes or laws apply to your area. We use to burn old tires MAKES VERY SMOKY CONDITIONS, hay, etc., I would stick with wood. Use 'green wood', for more smoke if needed.
    CAUTION against the use of accerlants, STAY AWAY FROM GASOLINE. You can always get the pallots lit, either by use of kindling like you would for a fireplace, campfire, etc.

    Of course the safety hoselines should be charged and ready to go, ventilation openings should be ready to be opened in case things go wrong.

    Hope this was of some help.

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