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    John Marsch
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    Post Training Mannequin

    I am looking for a dealer that sells training mannequins for rescue use.

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    Aerial 131
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    Check with whoever you buy your fire supplies from, most dealers will have what you need or know who to contact. Get a Rescue Randy, they come in two weights either of which will wear you out. They take a great beating and should a part break or fail you can get just the part you need not have to buy a whole dummy again.


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    Get Rescue Randy. He comes in a variety of weights(more than two) and there are different weighted vests you can put on him to fit the need. The weight is important, but I like it more for the real life shape and durability.

    Check the Simulaids website. They are the manufacturer of him and have a dealers link. I know that Galls carries it.

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