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Thread: Training Ideas?

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    Default Online Fire Training and Education/CEUs

    Quote Originally Posted by Medic445 View Post
    Grab an Essintials book and dive right in-- everything starts with the basics and builds from there. We all need to review the basics.


    Let no firefighters ghost say that their training let them down.
    I'm with a vol department and we started using this online training group, that help in just about everything we need and tailor to whatever you wanting to accomplish, what i did is arrange a phone call and by email, explain to them what I wanted or trying to do, what our needs were, because everyones need is not the same. but anyway give them a try good luck....

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    At my station we use workbooks and visual aids from throughout the year as training guides. They're constantly updating and broadening their selection of cheap fire service books so we're always on the cusp of new training techniques.

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