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    Cool Fire Prevention Week

    I'm looking for new ideas to enhance my presentation to elementary age kids about fire prevention, EDITH etc. I have a few things that the kids enjoy seeing and would be interested in ideas that would help make the message stick. Any suggestions? Thanx a bunch.
    Michele Talley
    Training Officer
    Helix Rural Fire Protection District

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    Have you checked out the forum on Fire Prevention & Safety - one of the topics there is "Fire Safe Activities for Kids" - there's some pretty good ideas there. Have you used State Farm Insurance's program "Smoke Detectives" - kids love it!!! Or how about the "Be Cool About Fire Safety" - they love that, too - and it's easy to obtain, along with handouts. It is probably to late to use these resources this year, but they're definitely worth checking out for next year. E-mail me for more information.

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    We bring some of our equipment down to the school for some "hands on". We don't let the kids use the equipment but they can touch, look, and learn not to be afraid of the firefighter coming to save them. We also do a question and answer session with the older kids, and show them how our equipment works.

    Be safe everyone!

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    This year we used Be Cool About Fire Safety and the kids (K-3rd Grade) really enjoyed it. It is a fun, fast-moving video that gets a lot of points across. Next year, I am planning on changing the format to more of a fun-type show for the kids. Does anyone have ideas or programs that have worked in the past? Always looking for new ideas.

    FF/EMT Scott M. Owen
    Fire Prevention Coordinator
    Marshfield Fire Dep't.
    Marshfield, WI

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