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    Question Training Search

    Our Department is searching for qualified instructors to provide training to personnel on numerous topics as part of our training program. The goal is to bring in people from across the country to share experiences and teach new techniques and methods. If anyone has any suggestions or reccomendations of instructors they have had contact with please reply. We are a Fire Rescue Department on the coast of SW Florida.

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    Seriously. Do you have a need for training in any or all of the following areas. We train people in Land, tropical, jungle, Desert, temperate, arctic, Survival medicine, first aid in a remote delayed transport area or open ocean survival techniques (Global Survival) or Helecopter under water egress training, etc. I am a USAF Survival Instructor, FF1, EMT-I, EMT Wilderness certification. We travel around the world teaching survival skills to military and civilian students. We teach them how to stay alive and Aid in their own rescue when lost or stranded. You already paid my salary with your taxes but the places we go, must pay our travel, feed us, and provide a place to sleep. To any one reading this, lets not make it a tent, we do enough of that already. If you find this interesting let me know.

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    If you are interested in Rapid Intervention Team and Firefighter Rescue/Survival training I would be more than happy to assist you. Please contact me at

    Jim Crawford
    Pittsburgh Bureau of Fire
    Certified Fire Instructor
    Contributing Editor Firehouse Magazine

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    There are many excellent instructors in the US that would be willing to assist!

    I suggest that you send your people to outside training and have them bring the knowledge back to you.

    One EXCELLENT conference each year is the Texas Association of Fire Educators annual
    'Instructors Conference' where we "Educate the Educator" held the second week of each January.

    The 2001 conference is in Austin, Texas
    The 2002-2003 conference will be in San Antonio, Texas. We would love to see you here!

    For more information (and a list of presenting instructors) see our web site at

    God Bless and keep safe!

    Educating the Educator

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