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    Question paying for training

    My department has a great new training policy... All personnel must pay for ALL his/her own classes. If you miss any of the classes you sign up and pay for, you will face disciplinary action. Anyone else have this fabulous policy? I'm hoping ours is the only one out there. Did I mention we are a paid full-time fire department of 45 firefighters with a training budget.

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    It's Nazi policies like that, that keep a lot of volly houses empty most of the time. Sounds pretty idiotic- getting disciplined for not going to a class which I paid for in the first place??

    Here's my company's policy: if you want to take something simple, (a 16 hour truck company class, an 8 hour pump refresher) You sign up for it, the company pays for it, you attend. If something comes up, you cancel ahead of time, or get someone else to go in your place- either way, no damage done. If you forget about a class and don't attend, the county charges the company for that individual anyways, and then the company charges the individual.

    Lets say you want to take something big time, like EMT or something else that you could fail- You put out the cash, and if/when you pass successfully, the company re-imburses you.

    If a volly chief suspended me for not attending a class that I paid for, I would promptly and efficiently tell him what to do with his class, and then tell him to hold next week's paycheck if he wants

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    A lot of our training is through the local community college and is of no cost to us.

    For specialized training, or training out of town, members can ask to have the squad pay (as long as they are in good standing it's not a problem). We don't always get 100% funding because we are not a tax-based agency and frankly we don't have the cash all the time, but we give members what we can.

    If a member pledges to go to a class and the squad is paying, it is always on the condition that they complete the class successfully. If they drop out or fail they are responsible for payment. Also if the class is expensive we require they also serve at least one year after attaining the certification. That was a result of someone we spent $1000 on a class for and he immediately quit..

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    Thats not right. If they want you there they should pay... talk to your shop stewart.
    good luck.

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    It had to have been a scatter brained politician or chief suffering from recto-cranial inversion syndrome to come up with a policy like this!

    If you do have to pay for any training (for example, going to a seminar, etc.)...make sure you get a receipt and either submit it for reimbursement or claim it under "professional expenses" on you income taxes!

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