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    Question Parts of an extension ladder

    Could someone please tell me all of the correct name to the parts of the extension ladder. i.e. the rope and plly system

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    Been a FF for years and I had to look this up. Beam, bed section (base section), butt (also called the heel), butt spurs, dogs, fly, foot pads, guides, halyard, heat sensor label, hooks, locks, pawls, protection plates, pulley, rails, rungs, stops, tie rods, tip (top), truss block. If you would like the explanation of all these items let me know. If you have access to an Essentials book, it contains this Info. If you dont have access to one it would make a great personal investment.

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    703 -- I'm impressed! That's an awfully long list of names for something we see as so ordinary and every day. Imagine what we can come up with for some more advanced equipment?!?!

    I'm surprised to see the Heat Sensor label listed. Most people don't even know it's there, let alone what it's purpose is.

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    Our Ladder Company just spent a couple of weeks cleaning and reroping the Ladders off our Ladder truck. I had forgotten all of the names of everything. Even veterans can benefit from the Essentials Manuals.

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