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    Lightbulb Hints for those attending NFA

    I would like to start a thread that provides valuable information for those who plan on attending the National Fire Academy in Emmittsburg, MD. Feel free to post any suggestions that will help someone who has never gone to NFA to get more out of their training.

    Having attended last year I have several suggestions:

    1. Bring you own pillow or plan on buying one when you get there-it sounds weird but anybody who has stayed in the dorms can tell you why!

    2. Be prepared to spend some money. There will be several opportunities for you to spend your own funds. Custom embroidered class shirts, the class photo, a class gift to the instructors, a membership card to the Pub and athletic areas, the cost of the class BBQ or party, laundromat, etc. All of these add up-you can do without all of them but if you take about $100 it sure helps.

    3. Don't over pack-the rooms are fairly small. There are good laundry facilities on site (coin operated)..Take your own detergent or be prepared to pay for it by the cup at the on-campus convenience store.

    4. If you aren't bringing a car, make friends with someone in your class who has one. Town is long walk away and if you want to make a weekend road trip to Baltimore, Gettysburg, or DC it helps if everybody carpools-also safety in numbers in some of the urban areas. Weekend rental cars were available through the convenience store on campus. (as of last year)

    5. Food-more than you can ever eat-good variety-prepare to gain weight.

    6. Don't expect a lot of free time. Evening classes are common and Usually Sunday afternoon/evening at end of first week is spent working on group projects.

    I encourage everybody who is eligible to attend. It may be a "once in a career" trip, but it's a great learning experience and the professional interaction with your peers is fantastic.

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    7. Don't let them try to fill you up on salad and rolls when you get the -all you can eat- crab legs at the Ott House (those things are big around as your thumb and a foot long)BBBRRrrrppp)).

    8. Be sure to check out the nice rigs in the Emmittsburg Volunteer Fire Dept. station next door. (they've got lots of good ideas)

    9. Remember the fireman's code "what happens there, stays there".

    10. most important... remember to visit the brothers and sisters at the National Fallen Firefighters Memorial.

    Enjoy! Frank

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    Thumbs up

    11. If you are from north of the Mason-Dixon line, you must understand 2 things: 1 - You are usually in the minority. 2 - Yes, you indeed have an accent.

    12. If you are from south of the Mason-Dixon line, you must understand 2 things: 1 - Nobody you are attending classes with had anything to do with the "war between the states". 2 - Yes, you also have an accent.

    13. The differences between us are what makes the learning experience that much greater.

    14. If you end up with a TV in your room, the best thing you can do is to NEVER turn it on during your time there. Get out and meet people, drink a few (of whatever) at the pub, talk to people, and LISTEN to what they say.

    15. Whatever happens there, if you can't remember, you probably shouldn't do as much next time.

    16. No matter how bad things are at the station, you will meet someone at the academy who is dealing with something worse.

    17. No matter how well things are at the station, you will meet someone at the academy that can help make things better.

    18. Gravity gets crooked after about 3 hours at the Ott House.

    19. Spend some time in the Library. They have stuff there that you will not find at home.

    20. Only take as much free stuff (publications) as you can carry back to your room in one trip. Also, much of it is available for download on-line at http://www.usfa.fema.gov/ anyway.

    Think of Fire Prevention as walking the dog BEFORE he messes on your floor.

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    Have fun! It is a once in a lifetime event.
    If you can get some time go to Gettysburg.
    If you are there at sun down go to Little Round top and watch the sun set. I swear that you will be able to here the charging yells of the 20th Maine Regiment in the battle that sealed the win for the north...
    History can be so much fun.
    Emmitsburg tower six is a great piece. Stop in and sign the guest book.
    Remember the Ott house door is a clapper valve. Things don't flow out of the door. They stay there.
    Stay safe

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