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    How do you get a department that hasn't trained regularly to want to train again. My department has fallen out of the training cycle and doesn't want to get back in it. They even scorn those that take higher level classes(Officer Programs), because "all that stuff isn't going to help you - fight fire". How do you motivate people to want to train, to realize that improving emergency services is why we are here, not to be local hangout. This is a department that runs 1200 calls a year and rising. I need ideas, I was thinking about some type of incentive program. Please help me with some ideas.

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    First off its too bad this seems to be a trend for every department. Not just small ones, but for the big cities as well.

    I think one method that I used was first showing my crew WHY! I did this by discussing LODD first, and how we can prevent a serious injury or death from happening by training for a trapped or injured firefighter.That turned into, how can we put the fire out faster and better then anyone else, that help install the pride!

    The other thing is to make it real.Just drilling with a hood over the face piece is not as real as heavy smoke banking down on them! When things are done under conditions, you will see that most firefighters will rise to the challange!

    Get other members to help or conduct training classes themselves. They will learn alot just preparing the class.Good luck, I hope this helped.


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    I wish you luck, we are dealing with that same issue in my VFD. Our captain has told us that training is not necessary (!?!?!?!?!). A good way I have found to motivate people to train is what is mentioned above- make the drills as real and as hands-on as possible. A part of the reason we do this type of work is all the "cool toys" and equipment that we wear and use. Getting to train in realistic situations will improve the firefighters safety, fitness, performance and teamwork. Lectures tend to turn people away and you can talk about how to search for someone in 0-0 visibility for days on end, but that will not make a large difference if someone has never gotten to experience that first hand. The more innovative, participatory and interesting the drills, the more people will be willing to participate. At least the younger people. And when they improve and start running circles around the older firefighters or those who still refuse to train, it will become evident that they either join up or get off. Also, along those lines, if you have the majority or position of power, you can amend SOPs to include mandatory training hours per year as incentive to train or move on. It is better that than to lose someone in the line of duty because they were not willing to train. I hope this helps and I wish you the best. Don't give up.

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    Well making them train and getting them to train is a different story.

    I am the certification coordinator for my dept., and you must make the training interesting. You can not keep pushing the same old info over and over again. How many times have you been through SCBA training with just the mask blacked out?? We try to variations every time we repeat a subject. You must have someone in charge of setting a schedule and looking for the new information. Take Fire Behavior(Science) everyone must go through that class. Try to make it interesting by actually burning something and explain it through the burn, or show something that actually has a chenmical chain reaction so trainees will understand the power of the beast. As long as you are training new material and doing it safely you shouldn't have a problem... Don't just teach straight out of the manuals, assisgn someone a topic and get them to research new material on it before teaching it!!!!

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    Your in a tough situation when the troops and officers think they don't need to train. Something that works on occasion is to start off the training with a little quiz, ungraded, not turned in. But what it does is prove to them how little they know about the particular subject. Your lesson plan then takes you through the correct answers. Another way to "trick" them into training is to use video, magazine articles or stuff from Firehouse.com to discuss actual incidents, start the discussion and then ask them to apply it to your organization. The last way to try is to train with smaller groups of members that are interested. Usually younger guys. Sometimes if your lucky this will "infect" the rest of the group. The absolute key to all of this is your own preparation and determination. Slowly but surely you WILL get converts, there are guys out there who want to train but take the party line to make it easy on themselves. Good Luck

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    Well Halligan84 summed up some great ideas. If you want them to train then make them responsable for the program. Get a training commitee together to discuss and design the program. Give them the challenge to teach and develop the program. Ownership goes along way. Also using team sports or challenges works great, use the laying of hose from a hydrant and flowing water for a drill. Give points for safety and use Op Guides or procedures for the Objectives and criteria for sucess.
    Good Luck

    2nd Asst. Chief
    Training Officer

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    we have a similar but different problem. we never stick to our schedule and lack of participation(the same people who make all the calls). we recently aquired an office trailer which we turned into an scba confidence maze with a burn room. now you have the best of both worlds; scba training and structural attack. if your from bridgewater, ct call the sandy hook firehouse and come down and check it out. our door is open for anyone!!
    capt./training ofc


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    Sometimes people just get bored with the same old stuff in training. Sometimes the training doesn't seem as "organized". One place you can go to get some ideas is the MFRI site. They have a "Drill Of The Month" section with instructor outlines for a wide variety of topics. Check out the achives as well. http://www.mfri.org/Drill_Files/Drill_FS.asp

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