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    I am beginning to put together plans to build a new Training Facility in our rural area in conjunction with three or four other rural volunteer companies. I am looking for any info someone may have on starting up a new facility and some ideas <other than the ones we have, to include in the facility. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    If I were starting from scratch I'd first go for an administrative / classroom building. Two large classrooms would be nice. One designed like a lecture hall / auditorium with the capacity for a large audience for outside speakers. The other classroom would be large enough for a academy class to do both practical and classroom work, easy to clean floor so guys can come in from a practical evolution and not trash the place. Attach it to a bay so you can practice loading hose or just repack an engine after an evolution. Some office space would be nice to keep training records, a library and other teaching aids. Mens and womans washrooms a must, possibly with showers.

    As for burn buildings and other props. just give yourself a lot of space for future expansion and to limit the impact on the neighbors. If you can give yourself 10+ acres for the sight you'll be far enough away from people so they won't complain during burns. I've never worked with the gas fed burn buildings find one of the firms that design burn structures and look at the pros and cons.

    Other things I might consider is a confined space simulator, a large burn pit for flammable liquid / foam evolutions. A cocreate trench for safe practice at trench rescue.

    Depending on funds the sky is the limit. See if a local university would be willing to go in on a regional training site. See if the local Police departments would like to go in on it also. some burn buildings make great SWAT training sites.

    Good Luck

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