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    ac5charlie Guest

    Lightbulb Driver Training

    I need an idea for Driver Training ?

    specifically refresher or recertification training. This is for a career department. I don't want to just make the troops drive thru cones. I want to make it worthwhile!

    Please Help.

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    AXE Guest


    Dont know if I can be of any help. I am a career firefighter working for a combination department. We have recently had a new driver training. Instead of going with the old text book style (boring)
    We came up with a class that was specific to our needs, climate, surroundings,etc.
    You might use a couple of guys in the department that were mechanically inclined to discuss mechanical aspects. To borrow a statement from a Chief in my county, Use your resources... There might be one with this expertese and another with something else they are good at. Work this all into a class.

    This worked for us and seemed more interesting to the guys.

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