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    Exclamation NYS Essentials of Firefighting

    I am looking for any help I can get. I have moved from NY to Texas and joined a volunteer fire department. The NYS Essentials class I took in 1991 is no longer! The NYS Office of Fire Prevention & Control has changed the format. No one in Albany has a copy of the hourly breakdown of training categories (ladder ops 2.0 hours, rescue 4.0 hours, etc.)that the instructors were supposed to cover. Texas needs a breakdown of my hours for reciprocity and categorizing me into a type of firefighter. I have contacted the NYS Fire Academy at Montour Falls and they are looking, but aren't hopeful. I have also tried my County Fire Coordinator and they don't keep copies like that. Does anyone have any copies of these lesson plans? Or any leads on how to get one?

    Thanks for any help,

    Bob Scudder

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    Wow, Texas is actually gonna give you credit for it/or some of it. Unfortunately I don't have a copy for you, but I will check around with some of the vollie's at my station when I see some. Virginia won't accept old NY, in fact many states won't because of the fact that essentials is only 39 hours, and you didn't have to pass the test. Anyway, good luck, and if Texas gives NFPA courses, I recommend just going through the FF I again. I even thought my academy if VA was more in depth then the one I took here.

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    I have a copy (or two) of the NYS Firefighters essentials book from when I joined my department back in 1993. I will look to see if the info you need is in there and let you know.

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    Did the NYS Office of Fire Prevention & Control ever have their training program accredited through either IFSAC (International Fire Service Accreditation Congress), or NPQSB (the Pro Board) -- If so, then the curriculum that they used may still be in the archives of the respective organization.
    Otherwise, the NYS Office of Fire Prevention & Control should still have a copy of it on file -- for instances such as yours...

    I hope they help you out...


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