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    I am looking for ideas or plans for a roof simulator (vertical vent. simulator.) I am preparing to build a training prop to enable our department to train in the opening up the roof. My thought is to have two different pitched platforms simulating a residential roof. Our local training site is over twenty miles away, and inconvieniant to use on a weekday. Any thoughts...


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    Try your local lumber yard-I'm willing to bet they would help you draw up a plan for a pitched roof and maybe a flat roof too. They may just donate some wood also, our lumberyard did and we made our project and put their name on the side that they donated materials-great PR for both them and us! Try your local builders too.

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    we use pallets that sit on a frame of used 2x4 & 2x6's. Then either OSB is layed on the pallets or shingles or tin.

    The pallets are donated or given to us. The used lumber comes from contractors we know and the sheathing/roofing from roofing contractors that are either damaged or odds and ends.I would guess you have similiar contacts in your area with general contractors.

    We build the "roof line" on top of our firehall. It can be done as a flat roof, or pitched.

    The crews get good ventilation/ladder practice since it has the realism. If you have a smoke machine, fit some ducting to the end and you can pump "smoke" onto the roof/attic.

    Good luck

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