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    Post Recording Training Hours

    What are you using to record training records on file? I can certainly use any suggestions. I have it on hardcopy, but there must be some sort of hardware I can use on my home computer. Thanks!

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    We use Firehouse Software both at my fire department and in my role as County Training Coordinator. The Staff Activity and Training Modules allow us to keep track of everything and print volumes of effective reports.

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    We currently use the FirePrograms software. Until we got that, I had a setup on Microsoft Word that I put all the hours into a table and totaled the columns for Certified Fire & Rescue and in-house training. You can also use any spreadsheet program you might have, such as Microsoft Excel. Make a file for each member. This worked well for me, plus it looks good when you can just pull up the hours on demand, without having to sort through several sheets of paper.
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