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    Default Training Rewards - Gifts ????

    SInce I have been trying to think of new ideas for our training program, someone came to me with an idea for a rewards program.

    Does anyone do such a thing, and have it be fair and cost effective.

    I was thinking of things like simple tee-shirts, hats, gloves and other things. i am trying to determine if this would work by number of sessions or total hours of training aquired. i realize that this could get involved, but I am hoping that this could be a rekindle for interest in the department.

    My goal is to create a fun and safe learning environment that people are looking forward to participating in.

    Any help in this would be great.

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    We don't have a system like that in place, but, it sounds like a good idea. Why not get with some local businesses and try to get some gift certificates or services donated. Then you could develope a merit system for training. Highest number of drills attended, highest score on testing, etc. The department members benefit and the businesses can write off any donations. Also another trick I learned from a FF/Medic who is a great instructor. During lectures, when he asks questions, he gives out candy to those who answer correctly. It may sound silly, but, when you are in the second hour of Blood-bourne Pathogens that makes you pay more attention.
    Good luck and stay safe
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    Here is a little trick that we do at my volunteer department. The entire membership, excluding the chief, has been divided up into two teams. Teams 1 and 2, to keep it simple. This was done by random drawings out of a hat. When new people join, they are assigned to the team with less people. Every so often, usually randomly practice nights, will be a "drill" night in which there is some type of drill that puts the two teams head to head. The winning team gets points etc. 1 point for the fastest time, 1 point for the fastest overall time etc. At the end of the year, the team with the most points gets a prize at our annual membership banquet. Since this is the first year, we have no idea what the prize is yet.

    This works well because it puts pride on the line. Compitition can be a great thing when used properly. Also, each team basically regulates itself for attendence. Lets say a team has 6 people and they are doing a relay, if team 1 has the full 6 people, and team 2 has 4, then team 2 runs the relay shorthanded. We have found after a while that attendence increases because they don't want to let the team down. Not every night is a "drill" night, so no-one really knows when it will happen. Sometimes rumors will start that a drill will happen a certain time, then almost 100% attendence is achieved on that night.

    Drills consiste of everything from SCBA races, hose lay races, water targets, etc. Basically anything wear two teams can race against each other. We even did an auto extrication race, with points awarded for doing it properly, not quickly, but properly. We have run some very interesting races.

    It is an interesting system. Of course, during calls and other practice nights, the department works as a hole to get the job done.
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