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    Default Training Scenarios. What do you use?

    When I set up training for a particular class, I like to make the training as real as possible, while still being practical for the class. What are some of the ways you make the training real?

    One scenario I like to do is to set up a room in our station with the furniture all moved around. The firefighters have to search the room for a "victim" or just to get out after being disoiented. This is dome with the mask blacked out by either a fire hood or aluminum foil and paper taped to the mask. This gives the firefighter a good chance to work in zero visibility conditions, without having to use a smoke machine or even breathe air.
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    Hi again!

    Whatever the training is, I always have people wear or do what they would do if the call was real. If it's search and rescue training, then they wear full gear with SCBA on air. They also take any tools they would in a real situation. If they would take a line in with them then they take the line in the training situation. For driver training, they wear bunker gear instead of street shoes.

    For example, last week we had search and rescue training. We are lucky that we have a training trailer at the back of the station we can use. It is a full sized trailer home that was donated after a fire that the fire dept restored for training purposes. We have a fully functional sprinkler room in it as well for demonstrations. I filled the house with smoke so thick you couldn't see your hand in front of your face. It was already dark out, and was very warm in there too. Then I used real people as victims instead of a dummy. A real body will react and move differently than a training dummy would. I had 2 of our explorers hide somewhere in the trailer and the firefighters go search for them. They did not know how many people, if any were inside.

    I try to make them think by bringing up certain things that I have experienced before and how I, or we as a dept, handled that situation, wether it was good or bad. The real you can make it, the more automatic it will be when the real thing comes along.

    I also like to ask questions that cannot be answered with a yes or no answer. I try to make the students explain what they are doing or to tell me the proceedure for something. Let the officers take charge and run a situation, then talk about what went right and what went wrong. I'm trying to make them think on their own again after a couple of years of being told exactly what to do all the time and expecting to be told on scene someplace. It's a long process but so far so good.

    It sounds like your on the right track for sucess. Keep up the good work and lots of luck!

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