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    The real problem, aside from job and family concerns, is one of motivation.How many senior officers have a "dry" duty oriented approach to their department?".The current chief of the dept.that I am in, while a good organizer and responder, does not understand how people need to have their participation acknowleged and recognized.I'm not saying that people should get a medal just for responding, but the senior officers should make every effort to emphasize the enjoyment and satisfaction one derives from helping those in need, as opposed to the "this is what you are supposed to do"approach.This should be done for current members as well as in a recruiting environment.

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    AMEN....Brother. You hit that on the head. After 20 years in the fire service, I have seen that some of the simple things have been forgoten. ie- Verbel praise its such a small thing , but goes a long way towards satisfing someone. So many people think that material awards are so important. Some actions due warrent them, but verbal appreciation in front of peers is so rewarding. Good luck in the future and stay safe!

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