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    Why do volunteers leave when a station gets manned with 24 hr paid firefighters. This has happened in every station we have manned. I am a paid lieutenant in a combination fire department. We have 15 fire stations, 8 of them staffed 24 hrs. Ten years ago we had 20 paid and 200 volunteers. We now have 100 paid and 93 volunteers. I'm doing a profect for the fire department on this issue. Any ideas!! If we can't fix this problem we will do away with them.

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    Tom Lafleur
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    Hi Lt. When i joined 33 yrs. ago we were an all paid on call dept. Then we went to 3 carrier,manning the station Mon. thru Fri. with the call men covering on the Weekends.Then we went to 4 carrier covering the station 24/7.They dispach and roll the first piece,and hope we show up,which we always do!Some of the guys lost their second job when the call men lost the weekend shifts,some quit but most stayed.the problem might be caffrier Vs. Vol. same old s@#%.Are the Vol. getting the recognition they deserve and need to feel wanted?

    Tom Lafleur

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