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    I would be interested in hearing from anyone who has any info on cardiopulmonary testing and other pre-employment tests conducted by various fire depts. Are there VO2 Max scores that have to be obtained in order to pass a cardiopulmonary test? Any info is much appreciated. Thanks!!

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    As apart of reducing my departments liability and workmans comp. claims, all personnel are required to complete a yearly physical from our departments contracted physician. If a person should fail the physical for any reason they are not permitted to be apart of the EMS crew in the field until cleared by the physician. A few of the items that are assesed during the physical are eyesight, resting heartrate and heartrate after activity on step machine, hearing test, ect.
    My department is a combination paid/volunteer department. We have 2 full-time career personnel employed from 0700-1700hrs Mon-Fri. Our career staff members are required to complete a physical prior to start of employment.
    Hope this has been helpful

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