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    Post Fire station live-ins

    My fire company is working on establishing a live-in program at our fire house. We
    are an all volunteer fire company in a large college town. If anyone has a live-in
    program please let us know how well / bad it operates, the live-in's duties and
    responsibilities, and the number of live-ins you operate with.


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    Contact one of our customers: Moyers Corners Fire Department in Liverpool (Syracuse) NY.

    They have a very successful bunk-in program with Onondaga County Community College.

    Contact Battalion Chief Mike Zaferakis at onscene@aiusa.com - he can give you all the details. Or, check out their web site via www.onscenemarketing.com.

    Let us know how we can help.

    Tiger Schmittendorf
    OnScene Marketing Services
    "Mutual Aid for Marketing Your Fire Department"

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    Our Department has been doing just that for several years and it has worked well for both the department and the students. There is some information on the program at our department web site, as well as a contact. www.mcfd.org

    We have 12 students that will be living among our 4 fire stations this fall.

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    Bob Snyder
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    When I was in college, I ran with a station that had (and still has) a live-in program. Total call volume was about 600 fire and QRS calls per year, making it worthwhile for the company to support the program. It's a little hard to tell whether it worked as a recruiting tool in and of itself, because there were two other stations in town with the same program. At any one time there were about 5-7 live-ins, 1 or 2 of which would be college students. More college students were like me, with a temporary bunkroom assignment, "sleeping in" maybe 3 times a week.

    Basically, the way it worked was that live-ins had all expenses except food and long distance covered by the company. They were expected to be available (on average) five nights (or days, if they worked nights) a week, running all calls, participating in all training, and assisting on all details while they were in station, until one hour before they were due at work. Live-ins were responsible for cleaning the living areas of the station and general maintenance. There were other common sense rules of conduct, but that's the crux of it.

    The unwritten rule was that they were the only people excepted from the strict policy prohibiting anyone from being in the station after they had been drinking, however at those times they were prohibited from participating in any activities or calls. Basically, they could go OOS to go out and have a good time once or twice a week, all they had to do is indicate that they were OOS to the OIC and stay away from the apparatus until the next morning. They were not allowed to keep alcohol in the station. We were tough on the alcohol issue, but also practical about what could be asked of people whose only residence was the station.

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    Check College Park Md website, they have a live in program with U of Md I believe. I believe you can link to it through the firehouse links page.

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    The Snake Man
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    We have a "residents" program and It is awesome. We have 6 residents and they have full apartments 2 in each with there own bathroom and bedroom. The nicer the amenities the higher qualified ind. you can seek. Our program has been huge. Make sure each persons signs a lease of minimal time and that they understand what is required and what life is really like 24 hrs a day at a fire dept. It can be rough. Require them to train so many hours and run so many call etc.
    Now here is the real great idea that we have just started and its awesome. 1st. 24 hour shifts (Kelly) then during the office hours of the day each resident is assigned to a different dept. Ex: Joe works 1-2 shifts a week and during the day he will work as an intern with Fire Prevention or inspections or some other dept. Joe will stay as an intern with each dept. for 3 months then he will move to a different dept. This produces residents or live ins as you call them that can do everything from mowing the grass to fixxing the trucks to fire inspections or education. This generates some great firefighter. Denver Fire has moped our residents up like candy to a child. They know and can do everything and thats desirable to the big dept.
    Well hope it works out! If you want to email me at Fire315@hotmail.com Ill give some more information.

    The Snake Man!
    Keep it above the water line!

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