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    Post NJ's LOSAPs On Ballots

    Here's what some NJ towns are doing to say "Thank You" to volunteer firefighters;

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    Thumbs down

    Voters in my town will decide LOSAPs for my department next month too. # 1. I don't like the paltry amounts my town council offered, and # 2. Until they allow some retrocity for those 20-25 year members I for one DON'T WANT IT.

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    We are getting into our third year of LOSAP. Our board is starting out with the full amount for members with at least 5 years service and $750 for those under. Members with over 5 years are getting our last 10 bought back. After 5 years, everyone will get $1150 or whatever the max is at that time. An interesting note, our money is still sitting in an escrow account, after all this time there is still NO approved companies to provide the service!

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    LOSAP plan OKed by voters; click here for story:

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