It has come to my attention that there's a BILL that would give a TAX BREAK for volunteers firefighter and ambulance personal.

The Bill has other parts to: 1. $2,000 personal income tax deduction, 2. grant a real property tax exemption for up to 5% of the assedded value of property, 3. exempt motor vehicles used in the performance of such volunteers' duties from registration fees, use taxes and special fee for volunteer license plates, 4.exempts from jury duty. 5. auth. the provision of municipal health insurance coverage for volunteers'.

I came across this bill, by reading "SIXE UP" the SUMMER 2000 issue, published by the New York State Assocation of Fire Chiefs. You can also get a copy of the Bill 9887 at htty://

I've been a member of my department for over 10 years, my family has been in the VOLUNTEER FIRE DEPARTMENT well over 25 years. Now my Commissioners of my department have made a decision that will ruin my department by hiring paid employees.

One thing I don't understand, on Long Island, New York. To live here, both spouses have to work to serve here. I go to these ceramories in dedication to the "volunteer firefigher", and at these ceramories there politician that say, "the volunteer firefighter are great people." Why don't these politicans HELP US for once? They know that the volunteer firefighter are hurting for new members.

So, if you read this call your State Assembly and State Representatives and let them know thay you support them, that you keep track of what happens in Albany, and that your're a member of the State Chiefs Association.


Peter Herold

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