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    Exclamation CPAT

    I am attempting to make the layout for the CPAT exam. I was wondering would anyone out there now how to design, make or purchase the needed props, ie, the maze, forcible entry device and the ceiling breech and pull. Also, if you are using this new test, how is it coming along both legally and negative feedback.

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    We are currently using the cpat and were one of the departments that originated and conceived the cpat. Chief Scott Peltin to be exact- who happens to be a great guy and in fantastic shape! You should try to get in contact with him for specs. on the cpat. Try the training academy at 602-262-6393. They should be able to connect with him.

    As for the test itself, I took the cpat about a year and half ago. I had been testing a lot and taken a lot of physicals and in my opinion the cpat was WAY too easy. Not in the sense that it was a cake walk but more that it gave absolutely no indication of how someone would do in the academy. The cpat is nothing like a fireground scenario, in my opinion, granted im as green as they get and been in the field only a year. I think one of the best physicals is a timed version of the firefighter challenge (running up stairs, pulling a bundle up six flights, hitting the keiser sled, pulling charged line, pulling a dummy, etc.). It's harder and more physically demanding. The cpat isn't fair to people who barely pass it b/c it screws them in the academy. The training officers expect A LOT more than the cpat does and they wont accept someone that maybe the cpat would. This is a physically demanding job, as you know- does the cpat really reflect that? Not really.
    That may sound a little harsh, and it's just my opinion- not my departments. And keep in mind, im low on the totem pole- sometimes the higher ups have different agendas. I hope this helps and hope you come up with a physical that is what you are looking for and is consider fair.
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    I assume you are refering to the cpat developed by the ICHIEFS and the IAFF. I have not taken it but am looking to do so to compare it to the Combat Challenge. I'm a 50 year old that completed the challenge course in 3:33 this fall. Some think that it is too tuff and would eliminate women and the older FF. If you dont prep for it you will have trouble. The cpat to which I refered, based on what I have read is much easier. In NYS all career FF's have 18 months to pass it. This only has to be passed once and is for newly appointed recruits.
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    I took the cpat exam in October of this year. The hardest part of the exam is the 3:20 of the stair master. If you practice that, then the rest of test is easy. I finished the course in 7:25. I am very weak in the upper body strength, i think from watching he combat challege is harder. As for getting information on the exam you can contact the New York State Office of Fire Prevention and Control.

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    Default Cpat

    I took one a few days ago. It was 150 times over some steps inside of 10 minutes. A 10 minute rest period, and then a Tower climb with a bundle, pulling up a bundle, and back down, down the tower with the bundle, the sledgehammer, ladder extension, charged hose extension, and a dummy drag, 180 pounds for 40 feet. I was finishing the ladder extension, when the instructor informed me that my time was up. I had 4 minutes to complete all. I would have taken me about 90 more seconds to complete the test. If the moron instructor would have been calling out "One Minute" "Two Minutes" ect for the test, I would have picked up the pace a bit, and been faster. I wasnt out of breath, or particularly slow, I thought I was pacing myself fine. Now it's going to be a matter of practicing the stair climbing more, and getting faster with the sledge. They also harped a lot on attention to detail, and not dropping their equipment, so I wasted a lot of seconds gingerley placing their hoses down carefully. Can one use his own stopwatch for these things?

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    Default I agree

    It is my opinion that the CPAT is much easier than the riggors of the job. The test has been watered down to please and be politically correct. It is a beginning of the measure of whether the person has the potential to train to be a firefighter.

    This job is a matter of life and death, and is not about being fair. Fair? Who said life was fair? Smaller people can pass the cpat, and get through the academy. They just have to work alot harder at it. Some people are just not made for the job. And that's ok, not everybody can be an astronaut or a chemist either...

    Dr. jen

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