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    This for all the Fire Chaplin's thank you for the work you do. You bring calm and peace to a hectic place and even if you don't know it your presence means great deal to a lot of people.

    Thank You
    A Firefighter

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    Padre Guest


    Thank you for your kind words of appreciation. It is an honor to be of service to the members of the fire service.

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    nsfirechap Guest


    To qoute an old hymm(Be Thou My Vision), "Riches I need Not Nor Man's Empty Praise", but words of encouragement are a blessing. Let's continue to build each other up. God Bless you all, you all are in my thoughts and prayers.


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    Sunflower_FD_21 Guest


    It is a privilege to serve ... without a doubt I have been blessed far more than I have been able to bless. We remember all firefighters in our prayers.

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    Karl Guest


    Whether you know it or not your "Thank You" note is Scriptural. The Bible says that we should let our teachers know the effect their teaching has had on our lives as an encouragement to them. Like the other chaplains replying to your note, I have been blessed by your note!

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