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    Default CISD SOP's

    Would be interested in hearing about CISD SOP's. At present ours is "unofficial", not in writing. I am makingthis on of my priorities. One thing I have implemented is, whenever we have an incident involving a fatality, I make it a point to dbrief those involved that this was there first incident involving a fatality. I've only had to do this once, but it definitely helped out one of our new recruits. What do you all think???



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    found a good CISD site -



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    I've got our CISM SOGs on MSWord if you can use that...anybody that's interested in them can email me. As for fatalities, our SOG calls for company-wide CIS defusing or debriefing for any firefighter fatalities/major injury, fatality of a child, & multi-fatality events. We leave discretion to the chief/IC in the event of an adult fatality and other events...the entire company may or may not need CIS, but we're thinking of the "newbies" by allowing the chief to contact our CISM Coordinator for some one-on-one if he feels it's needed.

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    I see that this is not an isolated problem. Our department has an "unofficial" CISD, but I have been looking for any information on how to implement some type of program to help with the stress of trying to cope with a major, or minor, event.


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    Hello all. At our department as well as throughtout our county we have a formed CISM Team that takes care of 2 counties. We leave the call outs to members of the affected city or by an officer of that department if they think it would be good to call out the team. We have seen an increase of call outs for the team in the past three years. We don't limit ourselves to just Fire and EMS, but we also go to Police and Healthcare Proffesionals. We have training every other month as well as attending Con-Ed programs that are offered in CISD.

    Dan Ulrich

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    No written SOP's here, but strong tradition developed over several years of calling our county CISD team for formal debriefing following child fatalities, multiple fatalities, and any especially gruesome deaths which seem to have bothered some responders. The team is trained according to the national standards and pretty much uses the standard protocols.

    I have had the training with Jeff Mitchell through the Federation of Fire Chaplains, and found it to be excellent and very useful. I am not currently a member of the CISD Team, do to other ministry demands and time constraints. However I do participate in our company's debriefings whenever possible. I also will let the Chief/IC know when I think a debriefing is indicated. So far, every time, I find the Chief has agreed, often has already given the order.

    I will also do individual/small group defusings myself, and will do individual follow up, handled like any other pastoral counseling. However, I would not recommend any one Chaplain attempt to do a debriefing alone, any more than one Firefighter should attempt to attack a fully involved housefire alone. A debriefing calls for a trained team. [So does the fire attack.]


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